Speak like a Kiwi

Kia ora everyone! There are many different phrases commonly used by local New Zealanders which may sound confusing many others. This blog will help you familiarize some of those phases, its meaning and help you speak like a kiwi while your stay here.

Yeah nah

This phrase might sound confusing to you as it contains both approving word “yeah “and disapproving word “nah” so which is it? Well “Yeah Nah” is a very non-committal way to say “no” here in New Zealand. The “yeah” reflects that the person has heard you, and the “nah” indicates that they are replying with a negative response.

Sweet as

It is a versatile kiwi lingo. It can mean “thanks”, “that’s ok”, “you’re welcome”, “that’s awesome”. Basically, this phrase can substitute any word of agreement or satisfaction.

She’ll be all right!

One of the most popular kiwi phrases of all time which generally means it will be fine, everything is ok, don’t worry about it. This phrase can be used in response to different enquires.

Bring a plate
If you get asked to “bring a plate” here, do not just bring an empty plate. It doesn’t mean we are short of plates so please bring one rather it means to bring a shared dish of food to a party/gathering for everyone to share and enjoy.


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